Chronic illness and pain can creep into a number of areas of our life. It may start out as physical symptoms but over time get in the way of our relationships and work. This can lead to anxiety or depression. Because pain and illness are so complex it is easy for them take over our lives and turn our focus away from what is important to us.
Individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses also are more likely to suffer from depression. The symptoms of depression are sometimes overlooked because they are overshadowed by the illness or dismissed as normal feelings of a person dealing with a chronic illness. Individuals dealing with chronic illness and depression should be evaluated to determine the source of the depression.
How can I help you?
Starting out with an initial assessment will help us identify how pain has impacted you, what you would like your life to look like now and what the recommended treatments are. Through the use of Cognitive behavioral therapy I enjoy teaching skills that will assist individuals in overcoming their barriers and live the life they want to be living. We will focus on grieving their losses and accepting their new abilities, ultimately putting them back on track with their lives
Most patients find they can better manage their pain after just a few sessions with a psychologist. Those who are experiencing depression or dealing with a long-term degenerative medical condition may benefit from a longer course of treatment.
I can also help you to manage your stress. Emotional and physical pain are closely related, and persistent pain can lead to increased levels of stress. Learning how to deal with your stress in healthy ways can position you to cope more effectively with your chronic pain
The goal is to help you develop skills to cope with your ilness or pain and live a meaningfull life.