1. The short answer is that we all can. We all go through life acquiring some psychological and emotional bruises. We all develop defenses against unpleasant emotions and experiences.
  2. Benefits of therapy are multiple and varied. Clients report gaining renewed access to feelings, increased comfort with themselves and others, decreased symptomatology, and a sense of being more real and authentic in their day-to-day lives.
  3. The first session will focus on exploring the most pressing issues in your life. I will ask more detailed questions about different aspects of your life and will share my initial impressions.
Who can benefit from Therapy
What can I expect the outcome of therapy to be?
What will the first session be like?
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Do I need help?

Are you looking for a place where you can talk freely and confidentially about something that’s bothering you without being judged? 
Where you can get some help for a particular problem?  Where you can deal with unresolved issues from the past?
Or where you and your partner can learn to resolve conflict and communicate better with each other? 
You are in the right place. 
Whether you are new to the world of therapy, or whether you have had prior experience in therapy
I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.
The decision to enter therapy is a significant and sometimes difficult one, and it’s important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with.  If you are looking for a therapist who will really listen and strive to understand you, someone who combines empathy with insight and interaction, who can help you make sense of issues you’re struggling with and work toward resolving them, then I might be the right therapist for you.
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We can set up an initial consultation session where I can meet with you to discuss your particular needs to determine whether I would be a good fit for you.

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